TURBOMOLE Release Notes

TURBOMOLE Version 7.1 (July 2016)

New features:

  • DFT calculations for periodic systems (module riper) [1]
    • analytic gradients now allow geometry optimization
    • ECPs are available for energy and gradient calculations
    • fractional occupation and smearing for metals
    • band structure plots and visualization of the density
    • DFT-D3 dispersion correction for energies and gradients
  • RI-RPA gradients for unrestricted calculations (rirpa) [2]
  • genetic algorithm for global structure optimization (see DoDo section in the manual) [3]
  • COSMO isorad analytic gradients (rdgrad/grad)


  • faster Davidson algorithm for TDDFT [4]
    Nonorthonormal Krylov space methods in combination with RI methods yielding 2-5 fold speedups in (TD)HF and hybrid (TD)DFT response calculations
  • OpenMP/MPI parallel version of 2nd analytic derivatives (aoforce)
  • pob-TZVP basis set added for periodic boundary condition RI-DFT [5]


  • New scripts and tools:
    • MD postprocessing tools for internal coordinates and rotational constants (log2int, log2rc)
    • tm2ezspec - create input for ezspectrum (Franck-Condon factors, Krylov group: http://iopenshell.usc.edu/downloads/)
    • panama - generate input for visualization of unrelaxed difference densities from escf output
    • IBO (intrinsic bond orbital) analysis (proper)
  • TmoleX 4.2:
    • support of periodic boundary condition RI-DFT calculations
    • visualization of band structures
    • easier generation of user-defined building blocks in molecular builder
    • generation of combinatorial libraries by automatic permutation of substitutives

[1] For details of the periodic boundary condition implementation, see
and the list of publications on those sites

[2]  A. M. Burow, J. E. Bates, F. Furche, H. Eshuis
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[3] M. Sierka
Synergy between theory and experiment in structure resolution of low-dimensional oxides
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[4] F. Furche, B. T. Krull, B. D. Nguyen, J. Kwon
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[5] M. F. Peintinger, D. V. Oliveira, T. Bredow
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