TURBOMOLE Release Notes

TURBOMOLE Version 7.2 (July 2017)

New features:

  • VCD spectra (Hartree-Fock and DFT) [1] 
  • Vibrational frequency calculations with COSMO 
  • Periodic boundary conditions: [2] 
    • optimization of unit cells
    • density of state plots
    • plots of crystal orbitals
    • improved OpenMP parallelization
    • in core storage of RI integrals
  • Bethe-Salpeter excitation energies [3]
  • two-photon transition moments at CC2 level [4]
  • local hybrid functionals [5]
  • phosphorescense lifetimes using (SOC-PT-)CC2 [6]
  • AIM critical points (attractors, bonds, rings, others)
  • Fukui functions
  • PBE and PBE0 functionals for NMR chemical shieldings
  • new functionals: B97-3c and SCAN [7]
  • Nonadiabatic molecular dynamics using spin-unrestricted TDDFT [8]


  • new and more stable TDDFT solver [9] 
  • faster and more stable RI-RPA
  • GlobalArray library removed, new shared-memory implementation for MPI jobs (ridft/rdgrad)
  • new OpenMP/MPI hybrid parallelization of dscf, grad, aoforce, ricc2, pnoccsd
  • internal full 64bit data model as default (former 'huge' version)


  • reduced output of parallel versions (no slave.* files any more)
  • usage of internal 64bit data models lead to virtually no limitations for size of the molecules or memory usage
  • TmoleX 4.3
    • AIM (atoms in molecules) visualization of critical points
    • Project/Job management: change order of jobs, move jobs from on project to another project
    • better support for periodic boundary condition calculations (cif file import, optimization of the unit cell, weight derivatives,...)
    • builder with stereochemical description (R/S) and modifications
    • density of states
    • new job template editor
    • SMILES support (also in batch jobs)
    • easier and interactive generation of population properties (Mulliken, NBO, Loewdin, Wiberg, Paboon)
    • improved combinatorial library tool
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